Ajna Kesely: Two out of two (Plus one relay silver medal)

2016. 07. 07. 
Ajna Kesely: Two out of two (Plus one relay silver medal)

Ajna Késely excelled again: after 800m freestyle, she swept int he gold medal also in 400m with the best time on the second day of the European Junior Swimming Championship in Hódmezővásárhely. Later, Ajna Késely, Nándor Németh, Richárd Márton and Fanni Gyurinovics won the silver medal in mixed freestyle relay.

In principle, the age is very important between women, it doesn't matter for Ajna on the EJSC: at the age of 15, she proved to be the best in 400m freestyle between women, she overcame Holly Hibott (17) from Great Britain in a huge fight. The young class of the Kőbánya SC got into the final with the best time. After 300m, Ajna increased her speed and she swam the best length with a great advantage. Hibbott started a great finish, but Ajna was unbeatable and eventually, the Hungarian won by 0,3". Her time was (4:08.10) a new European junior record in the same event, Petra Barócsai finished on the 7th position.

„This was really hard, a strong race, the Britih girls did a great finish, But I was strong to the end."- said Ajna after the race. „To be honest, I swam a bit better, than I'd hoped before, and that's why I am very happy and of course also because of the gold medal."

Later the same day, Ajna swept in another medal in the mixed freestyle relay. The young boys gave an excellent position to the girls, Nándor Németh and Richárd Marton sticked to the other swimmers, Fanni Gyurinovics protected the 3rd place too, and then, Ajna showed some talent of her speed work. After the longer distances, she could bring the team to the 2nd place with a fantastic swim. On the last 50 metres, she beat with a full second the finishing swimmer of the Italian team, who started the leg of the relay on the second place.

Our other finalists swam better times in the morning. On the 200m butterfly, they could wait for the final with the 2nd and 4th best time. Boglárka Bonecz finished on the 5th and Blanka Berecz on the 7th place in the final, but we can be very proud of them. Benedek Kovács couldn't do a miracle on the 100m backstroke. He arrived to the final with a swim-off for the 8th place and he kept in the end the same place.

Laura Illyés on the 200m backstroke and later, Dávid Lakatos on the 1500m freestyle also finished on the 8th place. The Russian Klement Kolesnikov swam a new junior world record with 53.65.

Dániel Sós and Márton Barta swam a very promising 200m individual medley and 200m butterfly in the morning. Dániel can wait for the final on the 3rd place, while Márton swam the 4th best time. Our junior World Championship silver medalist, Dániel indicated in the morning, he had to swim hard, because only two of the 4 Hungarian swimmers could qualify to the final. In the heat of the excitement, he didn't realize

that one of his main opponents, Balázs Holló was disqualified in the previous heat. Kristóf Milák (5th) and Márk Tekauer (6th) can still surprise us in the final of the 200m butterfly on Friday evening.

The champions and Hungarian finalists of the second day:


1500m freestyle 1. Tom Derbyshire 15:08.31 8. Lakatos Dávid 15:36.15

100m backstroke 1. Kliment Kolesnikov 53.65 – junior world record 8. Kovács Benedek 56.09

200m breaststroke 1. Kirill Mordashev 2:11.18



100m freestyle

1. Freya Anderson 54.72

400m freestyle

1. Késely Ajna 4:08.10 – new European champion record 7. Barócsai Petra 4:15.63

200m backstroke

1. Tazmin Pugh 2:11.12 8. Ilyés Laura 2:17.09

200m butterfly

1. Emily Large 2:08.87 5. Bonecz Boglárka 2:12.26 7. Berecz Blanka 2:13.66



4x100m freestyle 1. Russia 3:29.47 2. Hungary 3:31.62 (Németh Nándor, Márton Richárd, Gyurinovics Fanni, Késely Ajna)

Moments from the second day ~ afternoon

Made: 2016. 07. 07. 

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