The Hungarian women’s rely won a gold medal

2016. 07. 11. 
The Hungarian women’s rely won a gold medal

Márton Barta has come in second in 400 m Ind. Medley while Zoltán Drigán has come in third. In 200 m Freestyle Ricsi Márton could win a bronze whereas the women's relay –Fanni Gyurinovics, Janka Juhász, Petra Barócsai, Ajna Késely- have won a gold medal on the last day of the Junior European swimming Championship in Hódmezővásárhely.

"There were butterflies in my stomach but I did hope we would manage. We did our best, fighting till the end, although we were very tired by the end of the European Championship. It is a fantastic feeling. I was glad for the individual 200 m Freestyle, too but I am the most happy about the relay."-said the four-fold European champion, Ajna Késely, who before the Olympics, will jump into the pool next week in the Junior National Championship.



  • 100 m Backstroke: 1st Tania Quaglieri (Italian)
  • 100 m Breaststroke: 1st Giulia Verona (Italian)
  • 200 m Ind. Medley: 1st Ilaria Cusinato (Italian)
  • 50 m Butterfly: 1st Mariia Kameneva (Russian), 7th Eszter Egervári
  • 4x200 m Freestyle: 1st Hungary (Fanni Gyurinovics, Janka Juhász, Petra Barócsai, Ajna Késely)


  • 400 m Ind. Medley: 1st Gonzeles De Oliveira (Spanish), 2nd Márton Barta, 3rd Zoltán Drigán
  • 100 m Breaststroke: 1st Nicolo Martinenghi (Italian )
  • 200 m Freestyle: 1st Kacper Stokowski (Polish ), 3rd Richárd Márton
  • 100 m Butterfly: 1st Egor Kuimov (Russian), 5th Kristóf Milák
  • 50 m Freestyle: 1st Giovanni Izzo (Italian)
  • 4x100 m Ind. Medley: 1st Italy (Jacopo Bietti, Nicolo Martinenghi, Lorenzo Glessi, Alessandro Miressi)


  • 1st place: Russia (11 gold, 5 silver, 6 bronze)
  • 2nd place: Italy (9 gold, 8 silver, 5 bronze)
  • 3rd place: Great-Britain (5 gold, 4 silver, 10 bronze)
  • 4th place: Hungary (5 gold, 4 silver, 3 bronze)

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