The third gold medal of Ajna and the second silver medal of Petra

2016. 07. 10. 
The third gold medal of Ajna and the second silver medal of Petra

On Saturday Ajna Késely has won her third gold medal in the Junior European Swimming Championship in Hódmezővásárhely. The local Hódmezővásárhely origin Richárd Miksi has ended up in the 4th place in the Ind. Medley event.

She has been through many competitions this year therefore she had not even expected such a good result in Hódmezővásárhely in the 43rd ARENA Junior European Swimming Championship – said Ajna Késely, after winning the third gold medal of the Hungarian national team on Saturday.

Petra Barócsai has also performed extremely well, she won a silver medal in 100 m Butterfly. Among the Vásárhely origin swimmers, Richárd Miksi has acquired the 19th place in 200 m Breaststroke, whereas Ákos Süli has become the 34th in the morning finals. In the evening finals, the competitor of the HÓD Swimming SE, Richárd Miksi has jumped into the pool as the member of the 400m Mix. Ind. Medley team; they have acquired the fourth place.



  • 200 m Freestyle: 1st Ajna Késely
  • 100 m Butterfly: 1st Polina Egorova (Russian), 2nd Petra Barócsai
  • 50 m Freestyle: 1st Mariia Kameneva (Russian)


  • 200 m Breaststroke: 1. Hugo Gonzalez De Oliveira (Spanish)
  • 50 m Freestyle: 1st Kliment Kolesnikov (Russian), 4th Bence Szucsik
  • 800 m Freestyle: 1st Victor Johansson (Swedish) 11th Dávid Lakatos, 13th Zoltán Drigán
  • 4x100 Mix. Ind. Medley: 1st: Italy (Tania Quaglieri, Nicolo Martinenghi, Ilaria Cusinato, Alessandro Miressi), 4th: Hungary (Benedek Kovács, Richárd Miksi, Petra Barócsai, Ajna Késely)

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